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Strawberry 50ml - Naturol - Les Vagabonds

Strawberry 50ml - Naturol - Les Vagabonds

Strawberry 50ml - Naturol - Les Vagabonds

The Vagabonds developed a set of potions to feed their natural forces. Discover one of these made with nice and juicy strawberries.

Natural French E-LIQUID without propylene glycol composed of 100% vegetatol base.

non-allergenic and non-irritating

Liquid in 50ml

Liquid without nicotine.

Vegatol/LV composition: 50/50

Made in France

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Product description

As a vaper, you have certainly heard of the “PG/VG” before, especially if you are a fan of DIY (Do It Yourself, the principle of creating your own e-liquid). This is the diminutive of the two components most used to design an e-liquid base. Propylene Glycol and Glycerin Vegetal, here is their real name. The first assures the side flavors, the second takes care of the steam. True inseparable couple, they can nevertheless be dosed in different ways, for example 80% PG/ 20% VG to even 100% VG. Nevertheless, some concerns arise primarily with the GP. The PDO was designed for people intolerant to propylene glycol, using another molecule: propane-1,3-diol or “PDO”.


The problems encountered with the PDO


Although it is used constantly in e-liquids, Propylene Glycol may cause some problems for some vapers. The vapers affected by these problems are simply intolerant of the PDO. Redness, allergies, dry mouth and loss of taste are the most noticeable consequences in intolerant people. We are not all equal before this molecule, but it is obviously important to think of these people.


The other bad side of PG, even if it is less serious on the bottom, is that this molecule brings a piquant effect to e-liquid. It is for some the sought-after sensation, the hit, but for others it can deteriorate the vape experience.


What is the PDO?


PDO is the molecule used: propane-1,3-diol, also known as PDO. Chemically close to propylene glycol, it is nevertheless distinguished by some interesting aspects. PDOne does not cause GP-specific allergic reactions.


Made from corn syrup, the PDO is therefore of 100% vegetable origin. It offers a sweet taste, sweet and reminiscent of tobacco in the aftertaste. The hit created by this product is also natural, although a little less aggressive than that of the PG. According to the vaper, it may suit him.


PDO is used in other areas, such as nutrition in certain cookies, confectionery or cereals. The cosmetic field also uses it as a non-irritant substitute for PG. It is an ingredient described as pure, gluten-free and food allergen-free. 

50 ml France Fruit

Technical sheet

Capacity 50 ml
Origin Country France
Flavour Fruit
Taste Strawberry
Composition (Végétol/VG) 50/50