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Why do you cough on an electronic cigarette?

Why do you cough on an electronic cigarette?


When you inhale the smoke from your electronic cigarette, a scratchy throat may occur and then a cough. Several factors may be related to this. Let us explain them to you!

The change between the cigarette and the electronic cigarette!

The electronic cigarette does not have the same effects on the body as the normal cigarette, so it takes several weeks for your throat to get used to a different vapor, and detoxify tobacco. By dint of smoking cigarettes, and because of the carbon monoxide contained in them, your throat is irritated and does not accept any other vapor.
Almost all former smokers experience a greasy cough within 2 weeks of starting to quit. This cough allows the body to eliminate the tars and chemicals accumulated over your years of smoking.
Your throat can also itch and cough from the tobacco you inhaled during those years, which can cause micro lesions to your lymph nodes and mucous membranes.
In the meantime, until your throat is no longer affected by smoking, we advise you to lower the power of your electronic cigarette and do not fall back into the classic cigarette!

Your nicotine level is not adapted to your needs!

Irritation of the throat is most often due to too high a dose of nicotine. It is enough for you to decrease your nicotine level, in order to be able to smoke in good conditions.
The rate of nicotine can differ according to the material which you use, it is absolutely necessary to adapt its dosage of nicotine according to the power of its apparatus in order not to have a too powerful hit in mouth.
It is advised to the vaporizers which begin to vaporize to start with a liquid in 6mg/ml with a material of approximately 20 watts.
Thanks to the materials which are constantly being innovative, it is now possible to adjust the nicotine rate precisely, according to your needs.

Your PG/VG ratio

The e-liquids are made from propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. It is propylene glycol that provides the throat hit.
It is advised to start with 50/50 PG/VG rates.
Some people are intolerant to Propylene Glycol ¬(PG) which triggers migraines, sore throat, cough or nausea. There is of course an alternative, which are the e liquids based on vegetol, a vegetable component, to replace Propylene Glycol.

Cleaning your equipment

Your electronic cigarette is something precious, its cleaning is essential to make it functional. Do not hesitate to pass under water the clearomizer, pass a wipe on the thread, but especially to change the resistance! A burnt resistance will inevitably scratch your throat.

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