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Find in this category different brands that have made the success of this disposable e-cigarette : Ma petite vape, Wpuff by Liquideo or Flawoor.


The Puff an effective tool to stop smoking traditional. They also accompany more powerful devices and give you an advantage in choosing to give you a dose of nicotine. In summary, Puff is a product that you can accompany you on a daily basis and provides a powerful flavor of nicotine salt or CBD for an effective smoking cessation! 



What is the puff, the disposable electronic cigarette? 

The Puff is a small disposable e-cigarette ready to use that incorporates a precharged battery and is pre-filled with e-liquid. Their format is minimalist. Puff are disposable and are intended to be recycled when the e-liquid and battery are exhausted. Designed for vaping with nicotine salt and CBD, disposable e-cigarettes are ideal for smoking cessation. The Puff will accompany you in your initiation to vaping. The puff, like the electronic cigarette before it, offers a variety of flavors and aromas, giving you time to inhale good vapors. Choose from the iced puff, the tobacco flavored puff, or the gourmet puff. However, the most appreciated by our customers are the fruity puffs such as the strawberry puff, the mango puff, the mint puff or the pineapple puff.


Why vaper with a puff?

The puff revolutionize the market vape. Unlike the e-cigarettes we all know, the puff does not require any knowledge of vaping. Therefore, the only concern of the vapoteur is the choice of flavor and nicotine rate. Finally, the size of the Puff makes it incredibly convenient. Disposable e-cigarettes should be discreet and easy to carry in your car, in your pocket or even at night. 

So many advantages that explain the current success of Puff among vapers. 


Who is Puff for? 

The Puff, a new format of disposable e-cigarettes, is mainly aimed at smokers who switch to vaping. Its price is on average between 5€ and 10€, and vapoteurs can learn to vape easily and at a reasonable price. The Puff is also aimed at experienced vapers looking for a simple and discreet e-cigarette on the go or in the evening. However, the Puff are recommended only to current smokers and are strictly forbidden to minors.


What is the life of puff?

A puff is usually 2 ml of e-liquid. The life of a puff is therefore 600 to 2000 puffs for models marketed by Smok-it. Everything depends on your use. The puff must be replaced regularly. And if ease of use and attractive travel price make it an interesting e-cigarette for the first steps in the world of vaping, then over time the e-cigarettes type box or pod will be preferred. 


What happens to my puff once emptied?

After emptying the battery and e-liquid from the puff, you must dispose of it in a used battery bin as you will find in all our Smok-it stores. These disposable cigarettes are sorted and recycled. 


What are the different brands of Puff? 


Ma petite vape:

Ma petite vape is known for excellent quality e-liquid, one of the most famous puffs with its design 

Ma petite vape puffs have a capacity of 550 mAh and a tank of 2ml.

With over 15 flavors, you have a wide choice.

The dosage of nicotine is to choose according to your addiction to nicotine:

10mg nicotine / 20mg nicotine 


My mega vape:


My mega vape is the large format version of puffs my little vape.

Find your favorite flavors identical to my little vape by extending the pleasure. These are the most generous puffs on the market. With a quantity of e-liquid of 7ml



Wpuff by Liquideo:


Wpuff is produced by the giant Liquideo. This brand offers e-liquids with French know-how. It is exported worldwide.


Wpuff has made a real revolution in the world of puff. The disposable device of Liquideo offers a capacity of 2ml. Its integrated battery of 600 mAh will offer you approximately 600 puffs.

With over 15 flavors, you have a wide choice. All puffs are available in three nicotine levels: 0, 10 and 17 mg. Its mouthpiece is very pleasant, and fits


Flawoor Mate / Flawoor Max:


Flawoor is a French brand. A brand recognized in the vape. The puff Flawoor Mate offers a capacity of 2ml.

Its integrated battery of 450 mAh will offer you up to 600 puffs. With over 14 flavors, it is available in 3 dosages of nicotine 0, 10 and 20mg.



Other brands of disposable e-cigarette are available on our site Smok-it 

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