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The puff, this new e-cigarette that is a hit

The puff, this new e-cigarette that is a hit


A new trend of mini disposable e-cigarette has recently emerged with 600 puffs of sumptuous and different tastes before being good to throw in the trash, since not refillable, the puff is a hit.

This product appeared in 2019. It was created by two Californians who were already working in the e-cigarette. The puff has quickly crossed the Atlantic and arrived at home only a few months ago.


What difference do you make between the vape and the puff?


The puff is absolute simplicity. It is a single-use device where everything is integrated at the time of purchase: the tank is already charged and the battery too. So you can use it right away without having to charge it. And that appeal to young smokers or non-smokers, with a low dosage of nicotine ranging from 0% to 1.7%. The smoke is also rather discreet.


At Smok it the puff is sold from 8.50. The packaging of these sticks resembles those of packages of candy. With a wide variety of very sweet taste still remind that of the candy ex: frozen grape, red fruit, marshmallow, frozen pineapple, guava mango ...). 


Discover the different brands of puff sold in our different smok-it stores:

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