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 There are three categories of electronic cigarette performance. They are differentiated by their size, the amount of steam they produce and their technicalities.

 The tube format:

The electronic cigarettes in tube format are devices easy to access. Discreet and often small in size, they slip easily into a pocket. The electronic cigarettes of this family are composed of a rechargeable battery of good capacity. The clearomizer (the tank that fills itself), removable or not, is filled and very simply e liquid. During the aspiration, the e liquid contained in the tank mixes with the air inspired, thanks to the battery, and diffuses in the form of steam.  The steam produced goes up to the mouthpiece (drip dip) to be inhaled by the vapoteur leaving him a sensation in the throat called hit, close to that provided by a tobacco cigarette. With its sufficiently powerful and autonomous batteries as well as its clearomizers suitable for a wide variety of e liquids.

As for example: 

- The PockeX of Aspire. 

- The Vape pen V2.

The box format:

Electronic cigarettes in box format, as their name suggests, have this particularity of having a rectangular-shaped battery. Some models operate with rechargeable batteries called accumulators. These batteries are larger but also heavier than those of the electronic cigarettes of tubular form. The advantages of this type of electronic cigarette:

- The power of the battery and its autonomy

- The multitude of possible settings that plays both on the amount of steam produced and the sensation in the throat, the hit.

Smok-it has selected for you the boxed formats: 

- Kit luxury II Vaporesso

- Kit aegis Legens 2


 The Pod format: 

Electronic cigarettes in pod format are electronic cigarettes of small size, new generation. Their main feature is that they are suitable for e-liquids specific: alternative eliquids (CBD, nicotine salt ...), eliquids with high levels of nicotine and containing little vegetable glycerine (see range eliquid Smok-it.

These ecigarettes pod format vapour at low power which explains why their battery is not bulky while remaining effective.  

However there is the DragX / S a pod with the simplicity of a pod but with the autonomy and power of a box. A real nugget! 

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