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Find your perfect CBD liquid dosage!

Each individual reacts individually to CBD liquid. Therefore, it is important that each user knows what they want to achieve.

Like anything else, we get used to it and react less to the effect. It is therefore logical that a person who does not smoke cigarettes, does not react in the same way as a person who smokes. Moreover, this same person will not react in the same way as a person who consumes cannabinoids. It is therefore very important to listen to your body.

It is important to know how to vapourize CBD, if the chosen dosage is too high you risk being surprised by the first sensation even if you are a well-informed vapourist!

It takes time to act on the receptors of the nervous system, it is enough to vaper continuously to feel some results.

Studies have proven that the best dosage is done during a "session" of 15 minutes per day to be able to get used and then to be able to vapoter continuously without adverse effects!


The dosage :

 There are 4 levels of dosage in CBD: the low, medium, high and very important dosage.

LOW: This dosage can be used on any type of vape, generally the rate is about 100mg, see lower for some cases. The effects will be fairly mild. This low dosage allows long sessions.

MODERATE: The rate contained in this type of dosage is at most 300mg. It is mainly used for people used to vape. To feel the desired effect, it is recommended a fairly short session of about 10min. 

HIGH: The desired feeling is quickly perceived, with a dosage of 500mg. It is important to moderate your consumption and also to be careful with the dosage.

VERY IMPORTANT: With this type of dosage exceeding 600mg, it is strongly recommended to associate it with a liquid without nicotine. The CBD booster (1000 or +mg) must absolutely be diluted. Boosters allow you to create CBD eliquids, easily, at lower cost and in larger quantities.

To learn more about CBD liquids click here.

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