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The CBD market is booming !

The CBD market is booming !


Aided by its legalization on November 19, 2020, cannabidiol or CBD has gained legitimacy on French territory. Indeed, there are more and more stores and websites specialized in CBD in all its forms.

In a hyper-connected society and given the current anxiety-provoking climate, CBD has been able to whet the curiosity of many people looking for a more natural way of life.
Indeed the CBD is an effective anxiolytic and its uses are numerous. However, it should be noted that CBD is not considered as a medicine.

In the e-liquid for example, it is enough to note the many major players to launch their marketing of liquids with CBD, such as Liquideo with its range Holy Holy, VDLV and its Chill Drop or the famous Greeneo liquids such as the famous OG Kush, available on our site Smok-It. These e-liquids are 100% natural, available in several flavors (fruity, mentholated etc....) and different CBD rates. In addition, they comply with related standards with a THC content of less than 0.2%.

The most common method of consuming it remains the sublingual oil. Usually with a higher CBD content, a few drops taken under the tongue would be enough to see an almost immediate effectiveness. But CBD also exists in many other forms, such as creams, balms, herbal teas and of course flowers.

 The creams and balms are intended for use by the skin for local action, to relieve muscle pain or help recovery after a sports session for example.

 Its positive effects on the quality of sleep are of course also to be taken into account, in this case encourage the taking of herbal tea before going to sleep. Finally for a more regular use the e-liquid as well as the flowers are made for you.

You can now find the CBD in all its forms at our new partner: CBDeer, specialist in CBD.

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