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PULP: Who are they?

PULP: Who are they?


PULP was born from a simple idea: to offer vapers and especially smokers, tasty e-liquids, true to reality, produced in France. From the launch of the brand in our small store in 2014, the success of Pulp is immediate. The love brand is born. The brand knows that quitting smoking is difficult because they themselves are former smokers, and they understood very early that the flavor of the e-liquid was the key to the success of the vape. 

The e-liquids are developed in France by a team of flavourists with sharp taste buds, who have a thorough knowledge of the chemistry of taste. It is thanks to this know-how and these three talents that each new Pulp flavor manages to surprise and retain more and more vapers and smokers. Their flavors can be sometimes very simple but also complex and greedy, other times fresh and tangy, but still remains authentic. 

If they embarked on this adventure is also with the aim of living a healthier life, away from tobacco and its many toxins. 

That's why at Pulp, they have always made it a point of honor to control the quality of the liquids, in a very scrupulous way. The dedicated Pulp team is in charge of checking the conformity of raw materials and finished products day after day. Our factory meets the ISO standards but also the finished products. The PULP factory meets ISO9001 standards and all our products are declared to Europe and ANCES, in accordance with the PDT.