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Our 5 liquids of the moment!

Our 5 liquids of the moment!


We have concocted 5 liquids that are part of our top liquids at the beginning of the summer period!  

E.Tasty Kipick: Excellent e-liquid with cactus and lemon flavors. A sweet and slightly acidic liquid perfect for vapers who love original liquids without too much freshness.

Fruizee Bloody Summer: A candy with red fruits, white grapes and blackcurrant notes! To reserve for lovers of extra fresh vape! Perfect for the big heat of the summer. An e-liquid fat enough for big clouds!

Lemoon Vagabonds: A duo of extra fresh lemon that will remind excellent cocktails! Lovers of tangy vape this e-liquid is perfect for you!


Sayen Vapors Frozen Bübü : A fresh bubble gum combined with a pomegranate flavor and energy drink! A smell and a taste to fall by ground! An intense fresh and sweet vape perfect for the summer season. 

Twelve Monkeys Kanzi Iced: A star liquid of the summer! Extremely fresh without menthol and a mix of fruity flavors consisting of kiwi, strawberry and watermelon. To reserve for the big equipment with its composition in PG / VG 25 / 75!