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Let’s take a closer look at the freeze range of liquideo in 50 mL

Let’s take a closer look at the freeze range of liquideo in 50 mL


1- Freeze Druginbus: Do you want to remember your wedding? Here’s the taste you need! What better than to appreciate the delicious and exquisite flavor of this confectionery that is the dragée in a liquid full of freshness. Having a small weakness for this liquid is not a deception towards your partner. 

2- Ripe freeze: Oh! a small wood fruit comes to visit us in this liquid. Do not worry, it comes in peace and make you live a small paradise where nature dominates. Its exquisite taste combined with the touch of freshness will make you attach yourself to this taste, but also to taste the other fruits of the woods.  

3- Freeze red fruits: An invasion of cold and sweetness is about to knock on your door! Don’t run away! This invasion is there to remove all anxiety, depression, and also stress by making you live a moment of peace and infinite relaxation. Agree to relax and this liquid will do the job in two steps three movements. 

4- Dragon fruit sorbet: A taste straight from Central America! This fruit out of the cacti and carrying the Spanish nickname of Pitaya, you will discover the Hispanic atmospheres while cool. You will feel pleasure with its subtle and slightly sweet taste. Let yourself be drawn to Central America and everything will go well. 

5- Sorbet snake fruit: After the dragon fruit, the snake fruit! But what idea was extremely well found. A subtle, pleasant flavor that is waiting for you to fulfill its role of being tasted. An addictive sour and sweet taste and a hint of freshness that will trap you and give you chills.

6- Freeze citrus: The solo lemon comes to give you a big frosty slap full of acidity that will part you to another dimension. Do you have bad memories of drinking a lemon alone? Don’t worry! Here its acidity will make you euphoric.

7- Freeze blackcurrant: Ah blackcurrant! A fruit often used for liquid preparations such as, sauce, liqueur and syrup, but why not e-liquids? What a genius idea! Be sure to take a slap filled with acidity and sweetness. After consumption, you will wake up in a paradise filled with blackcurrant.

8- Freeze framboyz: Such a good and sweet taste deserves a stylish name, right? But yes, it is! The raspberry will make you a breathtaking demonstration by captivating your attention on its pure flavor. Do you want to be stylish? Join the framboyz.

9- Freeze ice jackz: This time, it is not an animal in the spotlight, but an old name. However, its taste is quite the opposite. A flavor unknown to Europeans that might surprise you given its resemblance to pineapple and guava on the taste. This liquid will make you travel to its countries of origin which are Bangladesh and India.

10- Freeze guava: Our beloved little guava is here to take you to a cold tropical planet. But don’t panic! It will enchant your mind with its taste that will remind you of several delicious fruits. You will be locked in a vicious circle where you will always ask for more.

11- Freeze apple: Do you feel like you’re missing out on what tastes to try? Go back to something basic. The apple! With its pleasant fresh taste in the mouth and on your lips, you will feel relieved. A basic taste is never boring, it allows you to enjoy a simple pleasure.

12- Freeze mananas: A little exoticism wouldn’t hurt, would it? Of course not! Such a sweet and sweet taste would have no intention of harming you. Let yourself go and enjoy tasting that will satisfy your desire for exoticism.  

13- Freeze cola: You cannot consume Coca-cola because of its sparkling and high sweetness. Don’t panic. This taste will remedy this. You will be able to feel its beautiful fresh and sweet taste at the same time. Joy is the only thing that will fill you after consuming this taste.

14- Freeze melon: What is the cure for high temperatures? Cool water or a good fan? Neither. Here is the real remedy, a good melon freeze where you will enjoy a divine dose of freshness accompanied by the pleasant sweet taste. This taste is the embodiment of a deity that will immunize you from the heat.

15- Freeze mirabelle plum: A member of the plum family is in an e-liquid! But what ingenuity! A taste full of tenderness and kindness that will make you want to buy it at the market and consume it soon. One could not ask for more of the fruit that one nicknames "the little plum".

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