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Let’s look at the Multi freeze range in 50 mL !

Let’s look at the Multi freeze range in 50 mL !


1- Chenapan (new): Another trio of shock!! Another majestic idea that combines a red fruit, a pome fruit and a stone fruit. What to say about this well thought out alliance. It will bring you to a haven of peace where fruity and sweet caresses will pass over your whole body. If you want to feel peace in your whole being, this taste will bring it to you with kindness.

2- Galopin (new): A combination between a fruit set aside and a very popular French fruit. This sweet and tangy combination will make you experience a feeling of happiness you have never experienced. A duo that may seem unattractive but will reveal the opposite.

3- Vaurien (new): A surprising fruit duo! It is a perfect combination between France and China that will make you travel for an unlimited time in an environment where subtlety and softness combines to take you to paradise. Travelling to two destinations at the same time, what a dream! 

4- Scoundrel: You want a dose of sugar provided by watermelon accompanied by a slightly tart taste of kiwi. Here’s what you need. A meeting of 2 fruits that are synonymous with pure freshness. A harmony between summer and winter that will make you love these two fruits. Sweet and sour is a combo that will invade your mouth and lips.

5- Salopiot: A crazy trio! A taste that mixes the acidity of orange, the addictive sweetness of mango and the subtlety of guava. A harmony that will make you dream. A combination of citrus and tropical fruits of the most hypnotizing.

6- Scoundrel: A meeting between two fruits of warm colors. This will give you a sensation of greed that these pineapples and raspberry transmit. Let yourself go and succumb to the most pleasant capital sin that exists.

7- Sacripant: A fusion that comes straight from the tropics. Have you always dreamed of feeling the tropical world? This product will fulfill your wish 100%. A combo that will influence you in your definition of sweet. Discovering tropical life can terrify you, but with this flavor you will not want to return to mainland France.

8- Galipette: A fruit duo found in cakes, but why not make a liquid? This wonderful synergy between apple and raspberry that contains a sweet and sour taste will fill you with happiness. The word happiness is an understatement to describe this association.

9- Scoundrel: A duo that will certainly pique your curiosity. Here again, a combination of acidity and a discreet sweet taste will make you addicted to discover what the dragon fruit actually looks like. Roars of pleasure will come out of your mouth every time you consume this taste.

10- Tireboulette: Another trio! This taste will take you in seat with sensuality, softness and delicacy. He will make you surrender in no time and take you prisoner with incredible ease. Meet the evidence. You won’t be able to cope with so much tenderness.

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