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How to take care of its electronic cigarette?

How to take care of its electronic cigarette?


The vaporizer is an electronic equipment, so it is important to take care of it.

The main thing is to clean it often, do not leave the liquid in it without cleaning it. You should not leave a damaged resistance because it could affect the flavor of your liquid. A well-maintained cigarette will live longer and therefore save you money!

 A well-maintained vaporizer is of better quality, and creates a more enjoyable experience. By cleaning it you remove the small residues or waste that can get stuck in bad places and make it perform less!

 Cleaning his electronic cigarette will also allow you to realize some anomalies if there are. Given the health situation, we advise you to clean it regularly. Your mouth rests on your cigarette that drags in your bag, your pocket, on a table on the terrace etc... It must therefore be very vigilant with the cleanliness of the mouthpiece.

 To clean it, it is not very complicated, you just have to dismantle your cigarette piece by piece and clean the following parts with warm water: clearomizer, tank, resistances. You can use a wet cotton swab for the delicate parts such as the thread. Do not forget to dry them so that the water does not touch the electronic part of your vape.

 Once your electronic cigarette is all clean, just take care of it. So you must avoid dropping it and do not hesitate to put a protective ring to protect your Pyrex.