How to choose your e-cigarette ?

Published : 05-26-2016
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How to choose your e-cigarette ?

Today there are a lot of different type of e-cigarette and if you don't know someone who can help you to understand how vape is working it could be really difficult to choose. If you want to start e-cigarette it's beacause you want to quit smoking or because you have quit and you want something to help you to hold your resolution.

First thing you must know is you might not find the right e-cigarette for you right away. You will have to experiment. Every vapers are different and use their e-cigarettes differently. So the ecig you saw or someone advise you to take is maybe not the right choice. Your smoker profile, the reason you want to start ecig, how often you want to use it, will play a great role in your choice. Here some tips to help you in your choice.


Debutant often choose small cigarette-style model because it's cheaper, discret and simple. But those kind of e-cigarettes are limited so as I say before if you want to use it very often it's going to annoy you because you will have to recharge and put eliquide often.

So if you already know that you will use it often you better choose a mid-size model about the size of a cigar which will produce more vapor and last a little longer.

MODs which look like a box are the must for vapor. Debutant are often uncomfortable with this design because it's bigger than the other and look like more complicated.They last the longest, allow for full control and provide the strongest, most customizable vapor production. A basic understanding of vaping equipment and electronic principles(voltage, ohms, watts, etc.) is required.

For debutant simple model could be a good choice but as you will become more experienced you will have to choose between convenience and performance. I recommand to start with a basic in the midrange: not the cheaper but not the most expensive.

Level of performance:

Important point because if the level of performance of your ecig doesn't satisfy you it will be difficult to quit smoking and it's highly recommanded to not smoke and vape in the same time during a too long period.

First the battery life is a great deal. Small model are design and convenient but don't have a good autonomy. If you want to use your ecig all day or very often you need to choose a product which will allow you to do so without the obligation of recharge it to often. Almost every model now can be recharge by powerbank thanks to usb cable but it's really annoying to have to carry recharge for you ecig. Battery mods are high performance product. Most offer variable volts like the egos, but also offer variable wattage. Some go up to 100 watts of output.

Second how much eliquide your ecig can be fill with. This depand on your cleromiser. This is the higher part of your ecig compose with a tank where you put your eliquide and a atomiser where you find the resistance. Be aware that you will have to change your resistance at least every 3 weeks or when you feel the taste is wird or you feel a burn taste.

When it comes to e-cig mods, there are tanks, which hold liquid like the ego style and there are what are called drippers where users drop a few drops of e-liquid right on the atomizer itself  and vape a few puffs that way.

There are fully built tank and atomizer combinations and there are ones that you build yourself. There are even some vapers that have gone back to using cartomizers similar in look to the 2 piece, or cigalike ones.

Third the vapour production which also depend on your eliquide and throat hit.‘Throat hit’ describes the burning sensation you feel on the back of your throat whenever you take a hit. The harder the throat hit, the more closely it replicates smoking a real cigarette.

To sum up:

To choose your e-cigarette you need to determine your profile: are you a big smoker or not? Are you going to use it often or times to times? 

You need to choose a design which go with your taste but knowing that design doesn't always come with performance. Don't hesitate to ask questions to sellers, they are vapors too they will give you good advice. You can look at some blog and forum too but don't forget that the ecig which fit someone will maybe not satisfy you. In fact if something goes wrong with your ecig don't hesitate to write a comment on the website where you bought it or to your shop. Manufacturers need your opinion to improved their products.

You can start with a simple model and change for something more advanced when you feel ready. The more passionated are using models you can modify.

Hoping this will help you please feel free to comment and add your opinion.

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