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How to choose its electronic cigarette?

How to choose its electronic cigarette?


If you want to start vaping it is because you probably want to quit smoking or have a tool to maintain your resolution.

Be aware that all vapers are different and use the electronic cigarette in different ways. The electronic cigarette of one will not necessarily suit the other. 

Your smoking profile, the reason why you want to start the electronic cigarette, how often you want to use it; these are the parameters that should be taken into account in your choice.

Here are some tips to help you.

The power

The power of your electronic cigarette is an important point if it does not satisfy you, you will have trouble quitting smoking. However, it is strongly recommended not to smoke and vaper at the same time for too long a period.

The autonomy

The autonomy of the battery is a feature to consider. The small models of electronic cigarettes are discreet and practical but do not have a great autonomy. If you want to use your electronic cigarette all day without having to recharge it too often; you must choose a very autonomous model. Almost all models today can be recharged via their USB cable anywhere. But it is still annoying to be forced to carry portable batteries because of his electronic cigarette. There are electronic cigarettes that are used with batteries, which allows even greater autonomy.

Liquids & Resistances

Next, you need to pay attention to the amount of liquids that your electronic cigarette can hold. This depends on your clearomizer. This is the upper part of your electronic cigarette (the part where the liquid is poured) and where the resistance is put. Be aware that you will have to change your resistance regularly. On average every 2-3 weeks, when it has an unpleasant taste or burned, it will be time to change it.

The different draws 

The vapor produced by your electronic cigarette will also depend on your eliquid. And the hit that describes this burning sensation in your throat depends on your equipment and your eliquid. 

On some electronic cigarettes, there is the air flow, that is to say the arrival of air, it allows you to choose if you want a tighter or more open vape. 

The tight draw is the closest sensation to a classic cigarette. It produces little vapor. 

While, the "open, air" draw, is more like a chicha, it produces more vapor, you need a strong enough power for this draw.

To summarize:

To choose your electronic cigarette you must determine your profile: are you an occasional smoker or not? Will you use it often or occasionally?

You should choose a design that suits your tastes but know that a pleasant design does not necessarily meet your expectations. 

Don't hesitate to ask us for advice if needed! 

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