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 Many consumers of electronic cigarettes have misconceptions about the liquid and its composition. Many rumors are spread on this subject, especially on the fact that it is dangerous that a liquid is in direct contact with your skin.

But, however did not fear anything, these rumors are false liquid, in direct contact with your skin, your mouth is not dangerous for you! 

Nicotine is indeed a toxic substance, it can be dangerous in few cases (except allergies), so if it comes into contact and you felt some tingling, rinse immediately with clear water.

A liquid e is water soluble, (it dissolves in water), so it leaves instantly in contact with water. Even a stain on your favorite pants shirt will be gone as quickly as it came.

The nicotine in the electric cigarette is not considered "toxic" because it is always diluted in a base of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin (PG/VG) which mitigates the irritating and drying side of nicotine.

We also reassure you, when your clearomizer, breaks, falls, or leaks and you find yourself with a few drops of nicotine on your hands, you risk nothing. The pores of your skin, only absorbs a small amount of nicotine and your body will evacuate this substance in two hours. 

But when you handle your liquid be careful with your eyes, it can be quite painful to have liquid in contact with your eyes. If a small amount gets into your eyes, avoid rubbing your eyes so that the product does not spread and rinse them instantly with clear, warm water.

It is therefore important to be careful when handling your liquids even if they are not dangerous in contact with the skin, they can be dangerous in contact with your eyes or if you ingest it. Be careful with children and animals so that they do not come in contact with your juices!