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Discover the KIT PUREMAX by SX MINI

Discover the KIT PUREMAX by SX MINI


Discover the SX Mini PureMax Kit: A Compact and Powerful Pod with Anti-Dry Hit Function!

SX Mini makes a noteworthy return with its latest kit, the PureMax Pod. Compact, sleek, yet incredibly powerful, this pod offers an exceptional vaping experience for enthusiasts seeking discretion and efficiency.


SX Mini PureMax: Elegant and Compact Design:

The PureMax stands out with its refined design, blending simplicity and elegance. With dimensions of 108 x 26 x 19 mm and a featherweight of 54 g, it provides excellent ergonomics with rounded sides. Perfect for those in search of a kit that is both compact and aesthetically pleasing.


SX Mini PureMax: Adjustable Power and Anti-Dry Hit Technology:

With a maximum power of 25W, the PureMax proves versatile, adapting to various resistances. Its front button allows for slight power adjustments across 4 levels, providing subtle customization to the user. But the real highlight lies in its anti-dry hit function: the pod refuses to operate if the cotton is not sufficiently soaked in liquid, avoiding the discomfort associated with dry puffs.


SX Mini PureMax: Integrated Battery and LED Display:

Equipped with a built-in 1050mAh battery, the PureMax ensures reliable autonomy. The 4 LEDs on the front clearly indicate the remaining battery level, facilitating autonomy management: 100-75% (4 LEDs), 74-50% (3 LEDs), 49-25% (2 LEDs), and less than 25% (1 LED). Recharging is straightforward via the USB-C cable included in the package.

SX Mini PureMax: Ergonomic Cartridge and Sine Wave Form Technology:

The PureMax uses a 4ml cartridge easily refillable on the side. Its adjustable airflow allows for a personalized vaping experience, shifting from MTL (indirect inhalation) to RDL (direct inhalation). The Sine Wave Form technology ensures an optimal temperature variation for exceptional flavor rendering.


Integrated Resistances and 510 Drip Tip:

Supplied with a 0.6-ohm PX25 pod (14-22W), the PureMax operates with non-replaceable integrated resistances. The cartridge is also equipped with a 510 drip tip for a comfortable vaping experience.

In summary, the SX Mini PureMax offers a perfect synergy between elegant design, advanced features, and anti-dry hit technology, making it an ideal choice for demanding vapers seeking discretion and performance.