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All about CBD e-liquids

All about CBD e-liquids


Nowadays, vapers are becoming more and more numerous, so it is important to innovate in order to satisfy everyone's needs.

The liquid is surely the basis of the electronic cigarette.

Several flavors are available on the market, fruity, gourmet, mentholated or even classic taste. But recently, a new one has appeared on the market, the cannabidiol!


The CBD liquid: what should we know?

There are 2 types of CBD liquids and 2 types of CBD forms.

The simple e liquids, with the taste that you want or with the neutral taste of hemp. But, there are also CBD boosters, which must be diluted in a non-nicotine liquid. It is important not to mix nicotine with CBD. Indeed, nicotine is a psychoactive molecule. While CBD has the opposite effect, a rather relaxing side. It is thus strongly disadvised to mix the two molecules, if you do not wish to "waste" your CBD.

There are liquids "full spectrum", these are liquids obtained without being isolated from other substances present in the hemp plants, it is therefore possible to find molecules such as Cannabigerol or Cannabichromene (CBG / CBC.)

This technique allows to keep terpenes, flavonoids, and all the other molecules that give its properties to the plant. But also, the "entourage effect", that is to say to maintain the natural interactions between the various cannabinoids present in the hemp plant.

The full spectrum is full spectrum CBD, terpenes, CBD and all other molecules present in the plant. The surrounding effect allows a better quality of CBD, as well as the natural taste of the plant. They offer a quality in the vape experience, thanks to its true hemp taste, and these natural properties.

Other terpenes can enter the composition, for an even richer taste experience.

The CBD liquid "Classic", it isolates the molecule directly from other cannabinoids, to offer a purer form. However, the taste will be a little different from the cannabis plant.

Moreover, it is thanks to the crystals obtained during this isolation that the boosters of CBD are created.

The CBD, is contrary to the THC, certainly the 2 are cannabinoids, but the cannabidiol does not have direct effects on the nervous system and does not get a euphoric state, it thus does not have any psychotropic effect, but with a relaxing action.

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