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- 10-17-2023

VMAC: A Revolutionary Alternative to HHC

While HHC has gained popularity in recent years for its mild psychotropic effects, VMAC offers an innovative alternative option that promises to reduce some of the drawbacks

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- 08-21-2023

What you need to know about VMAC

VMAC is pretty new, so what do we know about it ?

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- 01-04-2022

The sale and possession of CBD flowers is now prohibited in France?

La vente aux consommateurs de fleurs ou de feuilles brutes sous toutes leurs formes, seules ou en mélange avec d'autres ingrédients, est prohibée.

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- 05-12-2021


The CBD exist under different dosage, it is important to know the characteristics of the different dosages!

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- 04-02-2021

All about CBD e-liquids

Nowadays, vapers are becoming more and more numerous, so it is important to innovate in order to satisfy everyone's needs.

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