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- 05-12-2021


The CBD exist under different dosage, it is important to know the characteristics of the different dosages!

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- 04-02-2021

All about CBD e-liquids

Nowadays, vapers are becoming more and more numerous, so it is important to innovate in order to satisfy everyone's needs.

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- 02-26-2021

The CBD market is booming !

Aided by its legalization on November 19, 2020, cannabidiol or CBD has gained legitimacy on French territory.

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- 12-30-2020

8 benefits of the CBD !

A lot is said about CBD, about the therapeutic effects, about diseases, about the body, etc... We are going to tell you about 8 benefits of CBD, which have been demonstrated by many.

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- 12-29-2020

All you need to know about : CBD oil

What is CBD oil, how do I know which dosage to choose, which concentration? Everything is explained in this article!

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