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- 05-12-2022

Do vape and electronic cigarettes give bad breath?

We will explain why vaping does not cause that unpleasant smell of breath that is associated with cigarette smokers.

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- 04-22-2022

PULP: Who are they?

PULP was born from a simple idea: to offer vapers and especially smokers, tasty e-liquids, true to reality, produced in France. From the launch of the brand in our small store in 2014, the success of

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- 03-17-2022

E-cigarette vs Cigarette

If you do not want to pollute, protect your environment, know that the electronic cigarette does not emit smoke from combustion, so no tar.

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- 02-21-2022

When to renew the resistance of its electronic cigarette.

The resistance is the element of the electronic cigarette that allows the vaporization of the e-liquid. But how to know when to change the resistance of the electronic cigarette?

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- 01-28-2022

The puff, this new e-cigarette that is a hit

A new trend of mini disposable e-cigarette has recently emerged with 600 puffs of sumptuous and different tastes

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