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- 01-26-2023

Cigarette vs Iqos vs Vape? Which is the safest?

After studying the harm reduction offered by e-cigarettes in 2015, three years later, the UK Department of Health undertook a study on heated tobacco products. After consulting all the available [...]

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- 01-23-2023

Do puff taste better ?

Have you ever wondered if puffs have such a developed taste? And is it possible to recreate these flavours on your regular e-cigarette?

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- 01-18-2023

What is nicotine gum and what are its effects?

Many people use nicotine gum as a way to quit smoking. Today we decided to find out more about this alternative and its risks.

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- 12-15-2022

How much nicotine is in a conventional cigarette?

Have you ever wondered how much nicotine is in a cigarette? Thanks to this article, discover the answer to this question.

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- 07-06-2022

What is the vapor of the electronic cigarette ?

The e-liquid in your e-cigarette is transformed into steam. You inhale the vapor and expel it into the air. The vapor produced by e-cigarettes looks like a small cloud of droplets

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