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- 04-16-2021

Smoking Cessation

What is smoking cessation? How to quit smoking effectively? Discover the substitutes to help you during this period!

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- 04-08-2021

The history of vape !

A little culture! You probably thought you knew everything about vape. We will tell you its history!

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- 04-02-2021

All about CBD e-liquids

Nowadays, vapers are becoming more and more numerous, so it is important to innovate in order to satisfy everyone's needs.

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- 03-31-2021

The consequences of the covid-19 on vape

For a year now, we have been learning to live with Covid-19. A contagious virus, especially since some people are asymptomatic, so it is important to take the appropriate precautions.

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- 03-24-2021

Some reasons to switch to the electronic cigarette!

Here are some reasons, which we hope will allow you to leave your electronic cigarette, to succeed in weaning yourself from the electronic cigarette!

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