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- 07-07-2021

How to choose its electronic cigarette?

If you want to start vaping then you surely want to quit smoking or have a tool to maintain your resolution, we will help you to keep this wonderful resolution.

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- 06-30-2021


WHAT ELIQUID TO CHOOSE FOR YOUR ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE  In order for your transition to the electronic cigarette to be successful, you need to find the e-liquids whose taste and nicotine rate [...]

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- 06-25-2021

The different cliches of vape

There are many clichés and questions around the electronic cigarette. We are here to enlighten you on the subject !

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- 06-23-2021

Which vaporizer for CBD?

Vaping CBD is not recommended on just any vaporizer. Here are our tips!

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- 06-18-2021

The best electronic cigarettes of the summer 2021!

The electronic cigarette brands are trying every day to offer us new products, so it can be a bit complicated to find your way around. Smok-It will help you!

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