Box Mod

The Box Mod

The Box Mod is identifiable by its shape. Unlike conventional cylindrical mods, the box mod is rectangular which makes it more practical and easier to handle. The power and autonomy of a mod is multiplied by its capacity to include one or more accumulators (1 to 4 batteries). Finally these box mods can be of variable voltage and wattage.

Components of a Box Mod

The case, of varying shape and size depending on the models and brands, is often made of stainless steel, however sometimes there are zinc alloys or aluminum. Coatings and paint are also elements that vary depending on the model (carbon fiber, silicone ...).

The Connection is the element that allows you to screw and connect your clearomizer or atomizer to your box. Called "510 Connection", its thread is standardized to provide perfect compatibility with all hardware. The materials chosen by the manufacturers are materials that offer excellent conductivity such as copper, gold plated or silver plated. This connection can also be spring loaded to fit the clearomizer connection pin.

The Battery: There are two families of boxes, those with integrated battery and those with batteries. Boxes with rechargeable batteries offer the possibility of changing only the battery when the battery is at the end of its lifespan while a battery box will have to be completely changed. It is advisable to charge the batteries on a battery charger to preserve their life.

The Switches are the buttons to turn on and adjust the settings of the box. Some boxes such as the electro-mechanical box have only one button.

The Screen, available on most boxes, can display information on box operation in relation to the clearomizer and the atomizer: power, vape mode, resistance, battery level ... Now, the new generation screens can be touch screens and with color.

Aeration is a system available on boxes with batteries to ensure the ventilation of the electronic circuits. It also serves as a safety measure in case of battery malfunction and degassing.

The USB socket, usually a micro USB type socket. It includes three functions:

 - Charging the box mod

- "Passthrough" function which allows to vape while being connected/charging

- An update function of the electronic chip of the box

The Chipset is the electronic circuit of the box mod. It manages its functioning : power, mode, display of the screen ... There are many chipsets from the most basic to the most elaborate.

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