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Choosing the right e-cigarette

  • Simplicity Simplicity


    In this category, we have selected for you the simple and easy-to-use electronic cigarette models for any audience. It includes all models without adjustment or very little like sticks. The e-cigarettes offered are mostly small sizes and small prices while allowing a good restitution of flavors. What a way to enter the world of vape !

  • Polyvalence Polyvalence


    To each his vape, but a versatile evolve over time. We offer here the electronic cigarette models that will follow you when the desire for change is felt. These e-cigarette models will allow you to try all types of vapors by a wide choice of resistors or batteries powerful enough to vape in sub-ohm.

  • Excellence Excellence


    Here you will find the most powerful electronic cigarette models on the market allowing you to vape on all resistance values with maximum autonomy. The vapour quality obtained by this type of e-cigarette is incomparable. Vape connoisseurs will find their accounts here with powerful kits. Want to do your resistances, to get the steam of your dreams, the best restitution of flavors? Enjoy SMOK-IT’s selection of excellence.

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